Are wet wipes flushable

Are flushable wet wipes really flushable?

Many of us turn to a toilet wet wipe for a squeaky post toilet clean, the packet says flushable, but are they really?


On average in the UK, Thames Water alone remove 30 tonnes of un-flushable material from just one site each day – costing £18m a year. 93% of sewer blockages are as a result of unflushable wet wipes being flushed down the loo. Sewer blockages cause amongst other things, flooding which costs water companies £100m a year. Rising costs for water companies inevitably cost the end user in increased bills.


These startling facts are why the government is looking at wet wipe legislation and we could see wet wipes that contain plastic leaving our shelves as soon as 2024.


So what is the ban on plastic wet wipes?

Theresa Coffey, the conservative environment minister is considering a plan to ban plastic wet wipes as soon as 2024 as part of a plan to tackle water pollution. Basically wet wipes that contain plastics contain nasty ingredients that release millions of microfibres & microplastics into our oceans affecting our water and marine life. It was even found that only 14% of rivers in the UK are genuinely clean of chemicals – wet wipes play a large part of this pollution.


Whilst the likes of Boots and Tesco have cut down on selling wet wipes that contain plastic many packets of toilet wet wipes sold say flushable.


But my wipes say flushable…

Since retailers have started cutting down on the sale of plastic wet wipes, we’ve seen shelves flooded with wet wipe packets with 'flushable’ painted all over them. Even better, words like ‘plant-based’ and ‘biodegradable’ are used to entice us into buying them.


So, how flushable are these wipes?


You guessed it, not really. As we know water companies guide us to only flush the 3 P’s down the loo – Paper, Poo, Pee… our toilet pipes  just aren’t suitable for wipes that don’t break down the same as toilet paper.


What’s my alternative to toilet wet wipes?

All is not lost, FreshX toilet paper spray will save the day for you, well at least your toilet visit.


FreshX toilet paper spray is the eco-friendly toilet wet wipe alternative that doesn’t cost the earth. FreshX toilet paper spray upgrades loo roll into a biodegradable, flushable wet wipe that won’t block pipes, clog sewers or create nasty wet wipe fatbergs in our oceans. Developed with the full family in mind, the toilet paper spray features natural botanicals including vitamin E and B5, it cleans by lightly moistening the tissue making it both soothing and hydrating. Upgrade your loo roll and simply spritz, clean and flush and feel clean and fresh.


Aren't toilet paper gels like Wype better?

FreshX Toilet Paper Spray is that it disperses naturally across the toilet paper. A few sprays will give enough moisture across the toilet paper leaving you clean and fresh

Anyone who uses toilet wet wipes or feel they need a proper post loo clean without the wet wipe guilt will love FreshX Toilet Paper Spray