FreshX Toilet Paper Spray Little Gubbins reusable wet wipes reusable make up wipes

Eco-friendly alternatives to wet wipes

In this article we pick out our top 4 products to help you become more sustainable in your wet wipe choices.

Our favourite eco-friendly wet wipe alternatives are:


1. FreshX Toilet Paper Spray upgrades regular toilet roll into a flushable, biodegradable wet wipe. Containing aloe vera and green tea extracts each bottle is packed with vitamin E and B5 to soothe, moisturise and leave you feeling clean and fresh. Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles they're small enough to be portable and carry round in a hand / laptop / school bag. 


2. Green Face Co reusable make up remover wipes are make up removing magic for your face. Easy to use and chemical free, simply add a little warm water for a safe and environmentally friendly way to erase the days make up. 


3. Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes are perfect for hands, faces, mopping up spills and cleaning surfaces. Why use packet after packet of wet wipes at home when you can simply run these under the tap - these wipes promise no more meltdowns aat mealtime when it comes to clean up time.


4. Little Gubbins bamboo baby washcloths made from sustainable bamboo fibres these eco-friendly flannels are chemical free and great for sensitive skin. Each cloth is gentle and breathable for maximum air circulation which combined with the natural bioagents found in bamboo all act to help eliminate bacteria. Perfect for bath time but also make a great muslin or reusable wipe for bottoms, hands and faces.


There are many wet wipe alternatives that are kind to you but don't cost the earth.