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Making the switch to reusable baby wipes – a beginners guide

If you are a parent (like us) then you know a few things about little ones, they are messy (very!) and they are expensive (sooo expensive!). We also like to think that as parents we are all bonded through a deep understanding and experience of a number of things:


  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Never having a moment alone (even when using the toilet!)
  3. Not being able to leave the house without an enormous bag (or many bags!)
  4. Storing snacks in every pocket
  5. Secret eating when the kids are not looking
  6. Smelling bottoms (who would have thought!)


The list goes on but for our generation there is one other very important thing that unites us – we all want to do our best as parents to create a better world for our children in the future. That means doing what we can to protect our planet. When you put it like that it sounds like a big deal right? How on earth am I going to think about how I can help the environment when I am just trying to survive each day? What difference can I really make?


Well we are here to help and to make you a promise – we promise that if you switch to reusable baby wipes you CAN make a difference, we promise its quick and easy, we promise your kids will love it and we promise that in the long run it will save you money!


Here’s a bit of context for you. Did you know that an average family of 4 uses 8,700 disposable wet wipes a year but could actually be using as little as 20 reusable baby wipes instead!  


Think about it, little ones hate the site of you approaching them with a cold wet wipe, they will squirm and even give chase to avoid being cleaned up. As a parent this is battle you have to face multiple times a day. But reusable baby wipes are soft and can be used warm and dry. You’ll be amazed at how kids suddenly embrace being cleaned up and even enjoy doing it themselves!


What’s more, children’s skin is delicate and often reacts to even mild chemicals found in wet wipes. With reusable baby wipes there are zero chemicals involved, just water if you wish.


There are many other benefits but lets get to the point of this article which is to guide you through the options and make your switch to reusable baby wipes easy peasy!



Which Little Gubbins product is right for me?


Customers often ask us which reusable baby wipe product is right for them. The answer really depends on how you intend to use them. Flick through your day in your mind and think of all those scenarios where you would pull out a wet wipe...


At Little Gubbins we believe we have you covered for every eventuality. Let’s go over each one in a bit more detail.




Recommended for: hands and faces


Our microfibre reusable baby wipes are perfect for weaning and messy mealtimes. Microfibre is super absorbent and can absorb 7 times its weight in water making it an ideal solution for mopping up spills and wiping down surfaces. When you are out and about the microfibre reusable baby wipe is an ideal size to pack into your changing bag and make and ideal on the go bib and perfect for wiping running noses. They are super soft and colourful too! With 4 colours in each pack of 20 you can give a colour each family member or to allocate colours to jobs around the house.


And as an extra bonus for mummies they make an excellent make up remover, just use a little warm water.



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Bamboo Cotton


Recommended for: bums, hands and faces


Our bamboo cotton reusable baby wipes are our 100% natural solution for cleaning bottoms, hands and faces. Made from 70% bamboo 30% cotton both are natural materials that have been loved by parents for years. We are excited to have combined the two to create a super soft and thick cloth giving you all the benefits of cotton and bamboo in one cloth. You no longer need to choose which fabric is best for you!


Bamboo and cotton are both known for their gentleness and breathability making them the perfect combination of soft fibres for your little one. The fabric also allows for maximum air circulation which together with the natural antimicrobial bioagents in bamboo assist in reducing / destroying odour-causing bacteria. 


Consisting of only 100% natural fibres they are perfect wiping dirty bottoms from birth onwards and are an everyday essential for your changing table and nappy bag. Included in each pack is a free laundry bag so that you can wash and reuse with ease knowing that your wipes will be protected in the wash.



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Recommended for: bums, hands, faces, bath time, gifting


Our bamboo reusable baby wash cloth is perfect for bath-times. 100% bamboo, 600gsm these luxurious reusable wipes are thick and super soft for the highest level of warmth and relaxation for your little one. Made from sustainable bamboo fibres you can rest easy knowing that these 100% natural, organic flannels are chemical free and great for your little ones sensitive skin. Each cloth is gentle and breathable for maximum air circulation which combined with the natural bioagents found in bamboo all act to help eliminate bacteria.


25cm x 25cm they are larger than the other wipes in our range making them the perfect towel / flannel that is easy to handle with small children in the bath.



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Essentials Kit


Recommended for: bums, hands, faces, on-the-go


Our essentials kit is the ultimate kit to get your started with a reusable baby wipes solution that can be used at home and on the go.


The kit contains:


  • 10 x microfibre reusable baby wipes
  • 10 x 70% bamboo 30% cotton reusable baby wipes
  • Large 30 x 28cm waterproof wet bag with 2 zip close pockets and a sturdy strap for easy attachment to your pram when out and about
  • 2 x colour coded laundry bags
  • 100ml spray bottle


Simply pack your wet bag with whatever wipes you will need for you days. We recommend using the front pocket for clean dry wipes – your 100ml spray bottle will also fit neatly in this front section right next to your wipes. Remember to pre-load the spray bottle with water in case you need it. The larger pocket at the back of your wet bag is for the colour coded laundry bags – blue for bottoms, pink for hands. As you use your wipes simply place them inside the relevant laundry bags when dirty. When you get you’re your laundry bags can be put straight in the washing machine without ever having to touch any dirty cloths. Even better, using the colour coded laundry bag system will ensure no cross contamination of bottom wipes and hand wipes.



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Do reusable wipes have to be used dry?


No! All of the wipes in our range can be transformed into the perfect 100% natural wet wipes simply by adding water. If you’re at home use warm water for an even nicer experience for your little one.


If using for nappy changes, you might wish to employ some Tupperware. Fill approximately half of the tub with warm water and if you like you can even add a few drops of essential oil (we recommend orange or lavender). Then pop your wipes in to soak and they are ready to use whenever you need them, remembering to give them a little squeeze first.


What about when I am out and about?


If you want to use your reusable baby wipes when you are out and about then the starter kit is perfect.


The waterproof wet bag lets you carry your wipes either pre-soaked or take them out dry and use the spray bottle to wet as you need on the go!


As part of the starter pack you will also receive two colour coded laundry bags, one pink and one blue which are perfect storage for your dirty wipes and can go straight into the washing machine when you get home giving you a completely no touch solution. Remember pink for hands and faces wipes and blue for bums.


How do I store them when they’re dirty?


With the microfibre, bamboo cotton and starter kit products you will receive a laundry bag(s). You can use these to store your dirty wipes and pop them straight into the machine when you are ready to do a wash.


Can I tumble dry them?


Yes, all our reusable baby wipes can go into the tumble dryer. However, for full eco brownie points let them air-dry either outside on the line, or inside on an airer – they really do not take long. If you have run out of clean wipes and have not had time for them to dry, grab a couple off the line/airer and use them damp.


Any questions?


We hope that our beginners guide to reusable baby wipes has answered most of your questions but if you do think of anything else you’d like to ask us you can get in touch nay time. Email us at or message us via our social media channels.


In a nutshell


As a parenting community we are cottoning on to the fact that plastics are not great for the planet and wet wipes contain a lot of plastic, 80% in fact and that is not including the packaging! We are all thinking about how we can do our bit to help the planet. Reusable baby wipes are a natural, gentle, and eco-friendly alternative to disposable wet wipes, make the switch today.


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