Fine to Flush March 2024

The Fine to Flush accreditation is set to end in March 2024

In 2019, manufacturers of wet wipes and water companies collaborated to establish a standard for labeling certain wet wipes as "Fine to Flush." This accreditation was initially celebrated as groundbreaking—a minor leap for nonwovens (the technical term for wet wipes) and a significant stride for humanity. The certification involved rigorous testing of wet wipe products under laboratory conditions, simulating real-world sewer forces.


Despite these efforts, research has revealed that these supposedly flushable wipes are 100 times more likely to contribute to sewer blockages compared to using toilet paper alone. Moreover, the effectiveness of the "Fine to Flush" label has been widely criticised, as it is deemed confusing and inadequate in providing clear instructions on the proper disposal of these problematic items.


After facing persistent sewer problems, substantial fines from water companies, and numerous government assessments regarding a potential wet wipe ban, Water UK has officially declared the conclusion of the Fine to Flush certification, effective March 2024.


Chances are, you're acquainted with someone who knows someone guilty of flushing wipes – after all, statistics show that 1 in 5 individuals in the UK engage in this practice!


How can you maintain cleanliness while still having the convenience of wiping and flushing?


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