FreshX Toilet Paper Spray wet wipe alternative

Why you should choose FreshX toilet paper spray over a toilet paper gel or flushable wet wipe

If you are after a squeaky post loo clean then you’ll need sometime wet rather than dry toilet paper. Wet toilet paper cleans better than dry and also doesn’t leave any irritations caused by excessive wiping and remnants of tissue left making you sore and itchy.


There are many wet options available to buy ranging from flushable wet wipes to toilet paper gels and foams. At FreshX, we believe our toilet paper spray is better than toilet paper gels, wipes and foam.


Here’s why:


Flushable wet wipes don’t break down

Contrary to the packaging saying flushable, most wipes will indeed flush but they don’t break down the same as loo roll does, meaning blocked pipes and plumbing headaches.

On average in the UK, Thames Water alone remove 30 tonnes of un-flushable material from just one site each day – costing £18m a year. 93% of sewer blockages are as a result of unflushable wet wipes being flushed down the loo.


Toilet paper gels and foams don’t disperse naturally across toilet paper

The beauty of FreshX Toilet Paper Spray is that it disperses naturally across the toilet paper. A few sprays will give enough moisture across the toilet paper leaving you clean and fresh. Toilet paper gels and foams sit on the toilet paper unnaturally which undoubtedly will leave you with a soggy bottom. Many FreshX fans tell us they’ve tried competitor toilet paper gels and foams but prefer a FreshX toilet paper spray clean. 


FreshX Toilet Paper Spray does not make the toilet paper to break down

Our competitors will tell you FreshX toilet paper spray breaks the toilet paper down.. they don't... it’s just sour grapes in our opinion, they’re know we’re smashing it from the bottom up!

FreshX Toilet Paper Spray formula uses cleansing, soothing and moisturising ingredients such as B5, aloe vera and coconut oil. All our formulas are dermatologically tested to keep our formula kind to you but without needed to cost the earth. Our products are safe on all bottoms even the littlest ones.


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